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Wednesday 21st November

Hot buffet from 6.45pm

Cardiology update
Dr Andrew Lucking and Dr Matthew Ginks

Consultant cardiologists Oxford

The Manor Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 7RP

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Wednesday 5th December

Hot buffet from 6.45pm

 Urogynaecology update: managing pelvic floor problems in a mesh averse era

Miss Natalia Price
Consultant uro-gynaecologist Oxford

Tuesday 11th December

Hot buffet from 6.45pm

Update on managing knee problems
Professor A Price

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Hot buffet from 6.45pm

Motor neurone disease

Dr Martin Turner
Consultant neurologist, Oxford

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Hot buffet from 6.45pm

Dermatology update Hand eczema and Contact Dermatitis

Dr. Susan Cooper
Consultant dermatologist, Oxford

Dr Honor Merriman
Meetings coordinator

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Rasmeet Chadha, an Optometrist at Oxford Eye Hospital, has led a project (with Charitable funds support and the support of some amazing visually impaired volunteers) on producing educational clips on Sight Loss.

There are 3 clips looking at sight loss- they are educational and meant for health care professionals. The first clip looks at patient experiences of managing sight loss. The 2nd clip  teaches the skill of sighted guide technique and the 3rd clip highlights local support services for patients with sight loss and how to refer to these.

The Oxfordshire Vision Strategy Group are keen that Oxfordshire GPs have access to this training resource and are encouraged to watch it.


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GMC supporting information in the first cycle of revalidation

new website for the Department of Primary Health Care Sciences


GMC releases patient and colleague questionaires for revalidation


website for Locum GP bookings

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