previous meetings

Thursday, October 30 2008Primary Care Update Afternoon Waddesdon Room
Tuesday, November 25 2008Primary Care Update Day  Denman College
Wednesday, February 11 2009Everything you wanted to know about ENT  but were afraid to ask
Tuesday, May 5 2009Medically Unexplained Symptoms
Thursday, May 21 2009Renal disease: QOF, early detection
Wednesday, June 10 2009Nearly everything you need to know about orthopaedic medicine and surgery
Tuesday, June 23 2009How to do joint and soft tissue injections
Wednesday, July 8 2009GUM Update: What’s new in cervical screening,
Wednesday, September 9 2009CPR Training
Thursday, October 15 2009medley of learning
Wednesday, November 11 2009GP orthopaedic master class
Thursday, February 4 2010child protection workshop
Tuesday, March 16 2010Medley of Learning 2010
Thursday, June 24 2010Primary Care Update afternoon
Thursday, July 8 2010Primary Care update evening
Tuesday, September 28 2010Men's Health Update
Tuesday, October 12 2010IT fair
Thursday, October 21 2010Child protection & gynae update
Tuesday, November 23 2010Management of the metabolic syndrome
Friday, January 21 2011update afternoon COPD and consulting
Thursday, March 3 2011Polycystic ovary syndrome and conception in patients with diabetes
Friday, April 8 2011Back pain
Tuesday, May 24 2011skin pre-cancers
Thursday, June 9 2011Respiratory medicine
Tuesday, June 28 2011New approaches to the management of migraine
Thursday, July 7 2011eczema and allergy testing
Tuesday, September 6 2011Gynaecology; Cancer in childhood
Tuesday, October 25 2011Latest developments in CV (CHD/IHD) risk stratification tools
Tuesday, February 21 2012Back pain
Tuesday, March 27 2012Diabetes
Wednesday, May 9 2012Autism and Asperger’s 
Tuesday, May 22 2012allergic rhinitis and eczema 
Tuesday, June 26 2012Child protection update
Tuesday, July 10 2012Breathless patient
Wednesday, September 12 2012dermatology
Wednesday, October 31 2012Diabetes - Renal and Hepatic complications
Tuesday, November 27 2012Stroke Prevention
Wednesday, December 5 2012Paediatric update
Wednesday, March 13 2013Update evening on skin cancer
Wednesday, April 17 2013Interstitial lung disease
Tuesday, February 26 2013hypercholesterolaemia.
Monday, June 24 2013Diabetes: Up Close and Personalised
Wednesday, July 10 2013Gallbladders, stones and the pancreas
Wednesday, October 2 2013Renal medicine: improving patient care.
Wednesday, November 6 2013New developments in the management of asthma
Wednesday, December 4 2013Acute coronary syndromes, new care pathway for GPs post-hospital discharge
Wednesday, September 25 2013DVT’s 
Thursday, January 9 2014Advances in the management of diabetes.
Thursday, March 6 2014Heart2heart: changes and improvements in the Oxfordshire IAPT services 
Wednesday, March 26 2014Acute coronary syndromes
Thursday, May 8 2014Parkinson’s disease Primary care perspectives
Tuesday, May 20 2014Children with emotional and cognitive problems
Wednesday, July 23 2014Optimising asthma care: how GPs and nurses can implement best practice
Wednesday, September 24 2014Diabetes; common problems….and their solutions
Thursday, October 2 2014Solving your cholesterol conundrums: Case studies in cardiology 
Thursday, October 23 2014Stroke prevention in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation
Wednesday, November 12 2014Vitamin D & other ways of preventing & managing osteoporosis & fractures
Wednesday, March 4 2015Managing pelvic floor problems
Wednesday, May 6 2015Managing co-morbidities for unwell older [patients in primary care
Tuesday, June 9 2015postponed Behaviour Changes in Diabetics, Jen Nash
Tuesday, June 30 2015Implementing local and national guidance on lipid modification for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Tuesday, July 7 2015Women's health evening
Tuesday, June 23 2015Asthma update New guidelines for children and adults
Thursday, November 19 2015pain problems case studies
Thursday, October 8 2015Diabetes Update Therapeutic advances
Wednesday, November 11 2015Detecting and managing cancer in the upper GI tract and hepatobiliary system"
Tuesday, January 19 2016Anticoagulation, new drugs and new indications
Diabetes - Rustum Rea
Skin malignancy, spotting and treating melanoma and other skin cancers
Wednesday, May 25 2016Recent Advances in airways disease
Wednesday, June 22 2016How to cope with the dizzy patient What’s new and developing in ENT
Thursday, July 7 2016update on renal disease
Thursday, September 8 2016How to diagnose and manage children with food allergies
Thursday, December 1 2016Women's health evening
Wednesday, February 15 2017Back pain
Thursday, March 23 2017paediatric surgery
Thursday, May 11 2017Neck lumps
Thursday, June 8 2017Respiratory update Spirometry
Thursday, September 14 2017Update on bariatric surgery 
Wednesday, October 18 2017Endocrinology, medical and surgical
Wednesday, November 15 2017Investigating and Treating Anaemia
Wednesday, December 6 2017Managing breast problems in primary care
Wednesday, January 24 2018Investigating and Managing Endometriosis
Wednesday, March 7 2018Feeding problems in infants, allergy or not?
Thursday, May 17 2018Sports medicine
Wednesday, June 20 2018Dermatology in focus
Tuesday, July 10 2018Neurosurgery
Wednesday, May 30 2018New approaches to Asthma
Tuesday, September 18 2018Foot and ankle orthopaedics
Wednesday, November 21 2018Cardiology update
Tuesday, October 30 2018Chronic Pain what the GP can do
Wednesday, December 5 2018Mesh problems and how to resolve them
Tuesday, December 11 2018managing knee problems
Wednesday, January 23 2019motor neurone disease
Tuesday, February 26 2019Dermatology new treatments
Thursday, March 7 2019Lyme disease and vitaminB12 deficiency
Thursday, April 11 2019Stroke prevention, a multifaceted approach
Thursday, April 25 2019Headache and facial pain
Wednesday, May 22 2019Bone Health and Osteoporosis
Wednesday, June 19 2019Adult ADHD
Tuesday, November 19 2019more foot and ankle problems
Tuesday, December 3 2019How to spot a gynae cancer  Antenatal screening and ultrasound
Wednesday, January 29 2020Cardio vascular medicine update
Wednesday, February 19 2020Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea
Thursday, March 12 2020Breast cancer
Wednesday, April 22 2020Glaucoma & cataracts
Wednesday, February 19 2020Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea Mr Konstantinos Chaidas
Thursday, March 12 2020Breast Cancer Miss P G Roy Consultant Breast Surgeon
Wednesday, April 22 2020Glaucoma and cataracts Mr Gurjeet Jutley, Consultant Eye Surgeon
Thursday, April 30 2020Dermatology update Dr Bowling
Wednesday, May 13 2020Facial pain Dr Saeed
Thursday, July 9 2020dermatology update
Thursday, July 16 2020glaucoma and cataract
Thursday, July 30 2020ECG update
Wednesday, September 9 2020the breathless patient Dr Gamble
Thursday, October 1 2020 New tests and pathways for colorectal cancer Dr James East
Wednesday, October 21 2020Facial pain Dr Saeed